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The Ledgers concept is simple: To provide the best available services and expertise to small business owners at a fair price. The current services available are from 'bookkeepers' that may not have the education or experience to provide the complete range of services a business requires, or from Public Accountants, that can provide the services but the services generally come with a hefty price tag. Our Franchisees have the best of both worlds.

The Ledgers program was designed by practicing Professional Accountants with more than 50 years of experience, our training programs will place you miles above the skills and qualifications of other 'bookkeepers'. Our Franchise Locations provide a Complete, One-Stop Solution for Small Business Owners; Setting us miles above the competition!

Our marketing and support teams are at your disposal, our goal is to equip you to be a hybrid CFO / Controller for your small business clients.

Start your journey to self-employment and financial independence, request more information by completing the form here.

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