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Benefits of A Ledgers Franchise

Franchising in general has a great deal of benefits; from the simple things like Brand Recognition to operating standards, franchises have a much higher success rate than non-franchised businesses.

At Ledgers, we believe our success lies in your success; to that end, our management team, marketing department and operations teams will do whatever is necessary to help you provide the best services possible to your clients and to grow a successful Business Services Franchise.

In addition to the general benefits of a Franchise, Ledgers offers the following excellent benefits:

  • Excellent Classroom Training and Ongoing Training Programs
  • PROVEN marketing and branding systems
  • High Level Accounting, Tax, Business and Tax Planning Support
  • National Accounts Program - we give you clients!
  • Internationally Recognized Brand - Instant Credibility
  • Annual Convention - meet with your peers and our business partners, learn from their experiences and successes
  • Monthly Newsletters - marketing to your clients and prospects
  • Standards, Templates, Systems and Processes - all designed to ensure you work as efficiently as possible
  • Additional Revenue Opportunities - why earn income from just bookkeeping?
  • You can convert your existing accounting or bookkeeping business to Ledgers and generate more revenue.

  • Our Model provides you with sound cash flow, 12 Months per year, not just a 3 month a year, part-time business.

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A Word From a National Account Partner:

"The Ledgers SureStart program has been instrumental in the growth of our franchise system. We know that the business plans created by Ledgers will meet the expectations of the banks and we have seen incredible success in obtaining financing for our franchises as a result of the Ledgers business plans"


A few words from our franchisees:

" I would not be able to do the work we have without the support of the Ledgers Network" - Beth Nixon, Sussex NB.

" The Ledgers Model and Systems have totally improved my business and made me much more efficient" - Merrill Carmichael, Sydney NS

"Central Processing allows me to concentrate on growing my business while Head Office does the work for me" - Sat Mehta, Airdrie AB

"The marketing training has given me the confidence to go out, meet people and grow my business" - Ronda Hales, Orillia ON

"I am glad that I joined Ledgers, my first year revenue target is easily within reach now" - Narendra Sukhehja, Brampton, ON


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